Strength Maintenance Series – Keep Your Hard Earned Strength

The beginning of the hockey season is one of the best times of the year. Teams are back together after spending months apart, regular practice resumes, and the trek to the state tournament begins. There is lots of hockey to be played, and even more preparation to be done. With all the excitement the start of the season brings, it is easy to forget about what’s important off the ice. Sure, school, family, and friends are important, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what you have worked so hard for all summer long. What you have spent hours upon hours sweating, grimacing, and fighting to achieve. I’m talking about the strength, power, speed, and conditioning you have built up.

Strength training is not like riding a bike. You cannot take time off and expect to be at the same level you were at a few months ago. Instead, strength training needs to be consistently engaged in to be maintained or enhanced. With that in mind, I’m devoting a series of posts on in-season strength maintenance. These posts will touch on:

1) The science behind strength maintenance

2) The programming of strength maintenance into workouts

3) Putting strength maintenance into action

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