Other People’s Genius – Part 1

Lately I’ve had a terrible case of writers block. Somewhere between my ridiculously hard neuroscience paper, finals week, and attempting to get last minute christmas prepping done, I’ve lost my ability to write. Kind of like Clark Kent around kryptonite, I have struggled to even put together an outline of a topic this week. I’m hoping the holiday break will give me the refreshment I need to harness my inner Stephen King. Until then, rather than deprive you of helpful reading material I figured I’d post a few links for you to check out. After all, you don’t want to be bored over winter break, right?

Mid-season motivation

The best players are the best athletes, who always have fun.

Creatine: The truth, simplified

Girls, this one is for you

Unless you’re as busy as Kevin, I’m assuming you’ll have enough time

Makes pretty good use of his time, eh?

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