Exercises you NEED to do – Squat Jumps

The end of the season is drawing nearer and nearer, and that means things are heating up at FHIT, as we all frantically prepare to get ready for the training season. In all the chaos I was not about to forget about you guys and leave you hanging for two weeks without a post. This particular post is harnessing the spirit of the late season.

If not maintained, power output diminishes as a season wears on, and at this point of the season much of the power that was gained over the summer will have been lost. That is not good considering the most important part of the season is just over the horizon (although it could be said that the whole season is important, but that’s another argument). Whether you have been maintaining power, or have seen a dropoff, one exercise that will help you in that department is the squat jump. Squat jumps are awesome for many many things ranging from explosive power, to hypertrophy, to muscular endurance. I could babble on all day to you guys about them, but instead of taking my word for it take Christian Thibaudeau’s. He writes an awesome article on squat jumps. Click the link below and learn from a master of the field. Remember, you are in-season and therefore do not need the volume that he elects in the article. Give yourself some work with squat jumps, but do not overdo it; 9-12 in a workout should suffice. Never forget the golden rule of in-season training: Listen to your body.


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