It Starts With Making Your Bed

Seriously, it does. Okay maybe not, but at least it starts with a simple task….. like making your bed. Or, taking a shower, eating a 4 egg burrito with salsa and hot sauce on it for breakfast (my personal fav), shaving, washing your face, combing your hair, putting on clothes other than sweatpants, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture by now; if not, well, read again. Your day starts by doing a simple task. Let me say that a different way.

Your day starts when you complete a task so simple you wouldn’t think twice about doing it.

Cool, why are we talking about this now? The answer is as simple as the task. Its about being on track, getting yourself going, preparing yourself both mentally and physically for the day. You may not realize it, but there is some facet of your morning that allows you to go about the day in the way that you want to. This facet is a task you do every day that after completion you can say “I can now go about my day.” The task varies by the person, but all tasks share the same characteristics: simplicity, ease, routine.

What does this task, this day starter, do, like actually do? It prepares your mind and your body. Waking up in the morning is not always easy, especially in the cold, dark Minnesota winter. Yet, we all do it everyday, and everyday we reach a point (normally a few hours after waking) where we consider ourself “awake.” Now, try that while doing your day starter task. I bet you “wake up” quicker. The task acts as a stoplight, but instead of telling cars when to stop and go, it tells your mind when to wake up. Think of your task as a green light. The green light signals to your brain to kick into gear and function at its normal waking capacity. With your brain working at a high level, your body can respond.

I know a lot of this sounds like a bunch of philosophical mumbo jumbo, and that’s partly because it is. The other part is that I have experienced this in real life. So in order to clarify this and make it make sense, I’m going to walk you through my morning, and my task.

When I wake up in the morning I’m like any other person, I don’t WANT to get out of bed. After a moment of thought (seriously, every day) I always land on the decision that wasting time thinking about it won’t help, so I just embrace the suck and hop out. From there I typically meander my way to the kitchen to make breakfast, stopping to splash water on my face. I cook up my feast, then devour my feast, and wash it all down with some coffee. At this point my day has not really started yet. I’m irritable, groggy, and genuinely no fun at this point in the morning (just ask my roommates). However, I soon make my way back to my room and look at my disheveled bed. This makes me angry, partly because I’m not awake (remember, irritable) and partly because I hate disorganization and mess. Okay, so hate it a strong word, try strongly dislike.

I bet this would frustrate you too, eh?

So what do I do? I make my bed.

Poof! A brand new bed. Did I mention I am magic?

I bet you can guess what happens next…… Yep, my day starts.

After I make my bed I feel as though I have control of my life again, like I can take on the day and complete everything I need to at the best of my ability. For me, making my bed in the morning is what triggers my light to go from red to green. It provides me with the sense of ownership that I use to tackle everything my day throws at me.

Finding your trigger is important, as your day must “start” if you want to take advantage of everything a day offers you. Quit waking up and feeling like you’re in limbo for half a day. Every good athlete knows consistency is the key to success. By finding your trigger, you can gain control of your day and approach each day, each game, each practice in the same fashion. Through this you will be able to further heighten your game. We’ve all had those games where after we think back at what we might have done before or during that allowed us to play so well, and then we try to mimic that. Often times we do not look back more than a few hours before game time, when in reality the factors that allowed us to play so well started accumulating as soon as we woke up.

Think about it, find your trigger, and try it out. It can’t hurt.

Did i explain this poorly? Let me know by throwing down a comment and I can try to explain myself better.

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