Where I Come From


My name is Steven Cherekos

I’m a strength and conditioning coach, and I am also a student, and I will always be both. I am passionate about strength and conditioning and few things get me more excited than talking exercise physiology. I have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from St. John’s University and a master’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Minnesota. I have been fortunate to be a part of some great experiences that have allowed me to shape my own view of strength and conditioning.

My passion for strength and conditioning came to me through my own personal experiences. Growing up, I played sports. Literally, my life revolved around sports six and a half days a week. Being that I grew up in Minnesota, my main sport was hockey. I have lived and breathed hockey since I could barely hold up my own weight. Hockey was and is my life. Aside from hockey, I was also a lacrosse player. I enjoyed lacrosse because of the physical similarities to hockey. In high school I played both hockey and lacrosse. Unfortunately, my hockey career ended following my senior year season due to a few major injuries in a quick few months. As my competitive hockey days ended, lacrosse became my sole sport. I tried as best as I could to hang on to this sport, playing my first two years of college. However, due to an increasing load of school work and old nagging injuries that never seemed to go away, playing became extremely tough. My junior year I traded in my stick and cleats for a pencil and paper. I started to devote myself entirely to learning about nutrition and exercise science.

From these injuries grew my passion for strength and conditioning. I vowed to help others succeed where I did not.

I am currently the Director of Strength and Conditioning for FHIT North Campus. I am lucky enough to operate out of the Herb Brooks Training Center, at the Schwann’s Super Rink, in Blaine, MN. I started as an intern in 2011, and took over as the head strength and conditioning coach in the spring of 2013.

I can be reached for any questions at steve@maphockey.net. Also, be sure to follow my twitter account @CoachCherekos for all things strength and conditioning, including tips, articles, and workouts.